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Quality Assurance

Vigilant Quality Assurance Program

Vigilant maintains a Quality Management Plan (QMP) for each of its contracts. A QMP is an essential element of any project. A thorough QMP ensures that the contract and attached personnel are held to high standards. QMPs consist of two components: Quality Control and Quality Assurance.


Quality Performance is Vigilant’s commitment to excellence that is achieved through teamwork and a process of continuous improvement. Vigilant strives to be the best in class by providing quality services that exceed client expectations. Quality Performance is measured by measuring inputs as well as outputs, requiring measurement and accountability, demonstrating repeatable successful efforts, and delivering on customer satisfaction at all times.


Vigilant supervises contract performance as indicated in Vigilant’s QMP. Everyone inside the contract will have specific responsibilities and the flexibility to perform their day-to-day activities to the contract specifications while adhering to the performance standards outlined in the plan.


The measurables are specifically defined in the QMP. Vigilant refines measurables upon contract award with input from both proposed staff and the federal agency personnel. Vigilant closely monitors employee performance and adherence to the plan. All QC/QA activities and results are documented and reported. As a rule, everything that pertains to the quality of the service is documented. This helps resolve conflict and increase credibility.


Vigilant will use proven methodologies to enhance and measure productivity and performance. It will be fully committed to strict adherence to the performance objectives documented within SeaPort-e task orders. The QMP specifically measures quality and accuracy levels. SeaPort-e task order requirements will become the benchmark that provides feedback on Vigilant’s performance to specific functions. By following the established service levels very closely, Vigilant will anticipate potential problem areas before they approach unacceptable levels, thereby consistently maintaining agreed-upon service levels. Fundamental to this ability is Vigilant’s internal commitment to timeliness of processing, optimum process management, and continuous improvement.

About Us

Vigilant Technologies is a Veteran Owned company headquartered in Tempe, Arizona. We provide products, services and enterprise-wide integration of innovative IT solutions to commercial, Federal, State and Local government clients. Our Leading edge services include Private/Hybrid Cloud, Server Consolidation, Virtualization implementation, and Infrastructure Management.

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